How To maintain Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panel Maintenance | IGS

Do solar panels need to be maintained? Solar panels need maintenance too to preserve their durability and avoid further damage to the whole solar panel and its components. In Shreveport residential solar panels are offered as well as solar panel maintenance and other services by solar companies. This is to motivate people to shift to solar energy. Here are some tips on how to maintain residential solar panels.

Tips on How To maintain Residential Solar Panels

Clean Them According to Season

During the rainy season, the solar panels are naturally cleared of any debris since the rain can wash them away; However, during summer, manual cleaning should be done to make sure that debris will not accumulate on the solar panels. A quick spray using a leaf blower to clean it or calling your solar technicians would be the best choice. 

In the winter, cleaning should be done every time snow accumulates on the solar panel. When using water, make sure to use lukewarm water so as not to damage the solar panel. Never use hot water since it can cause breakage of the solar panels. How often should solar panels be maintained? Annual maintenance is needed, but cleaning as often as needed is ideal. Clean your solar panels if they are being blocked by any elements, since letting those elements stay can cause damage to your solar panels. 

Cleaning Roof Vs. Ground Solar Panels

Roof and ground solar panels are cleaned in similar ways. The only difference will be ground solar panels that can easily be cleaned since you don’t have to go up the roof to do the cleaning. 

Check on the Warranty 

Warranty for solar panels is important since regular maintenance is needed. Maintenance is mostly included in the solar panel installation warranty. Maintenance can cost you a lot of bucks, so a warranty can save you a lot. Imagine maintaining your solar panel for 25 years or more!  Companies can offer 15 to 25 years of warranty. 

Using Solar Monitoring System 

Solar monitoring system can help you know if your solar panel system is encountering some issues. It can also track down the energy you use. So you can tell immediately that there is something wrong with your solar panel system if there are sudden changes in your energy production. You can then check the cause and will definitely know where the issue is coming from. Knowing the issues can help you prevent them to happen again. 

Know When to Replace and When to Repair 

The main purpose of maintaining the condition of your solar panel is to avoid repair and replacement as much as possible. Parts of the solar panel system are not cheap, so repairing and replacing parts can cost you money. Regular maintenance can help in prolonging the durability of your solar panel system. That’s why monitoring the condition of your solar panel system will reduce or even avoid repairs and replacement of your solar panel system. 

Get Insurance 

To secure your finances, get insurance for your solar panel system. Insurance can help you reduce your expenses just in case there is damage to your solar panel system. It can be covered by insurance. Solar panels are your investment. Therefore, they should be protected too. Your insurance will serve as their protection. In situations where natural calamities happen, such as hail storms or extreme increases in temperature, which lowers the efficiency of solar panels and may even cause damage, then insurance can help you pay for repairs and replacements for your solar panels.

 Those are just some tips on how to maintain residential solar panels. It will also be a wise choice to contact your solar provider and seek advice on the issues you have since they can give the best solution. Having the job done by experts can guarantee that the job is done right and properly. Simple cleaning may be done by owners, but intense maintenance should be done only by solar technicians. Solar panels are connected with cables and wires. Solar technicians are familiar with the whole structure of the solar panel system, so they know how to clean and inspect your solar panel system properly. Let them handle it to make sure no damage will be done.